18 Month Apprenticeship - Modules

The apprenticeship focuses not only on the knowledge an Assistant Photographer needs in order to be competent but also on key skills and behaviours such as developing a strong work ethic, being adaptable, honest and able to plan, organise and communicate.

How to use a Professional Digital SLR camera
Business and working with clients
Video techniques
Introduction to Lighting
Legal requirements
Photography Associations and Ai
Using Lighting Sources to Create an Image
Photoshop and Retouching
Business and industry knowhow
How to Use Studio Lighting as a Professional
Adobe Lightrooms
Drones and Meta data

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How it Works

Face to Face teaching

We run monthly seminars where learners will attend 1 day training sessions with our International Photographers. These are generally held remotely via Teams or Zoom.

Skill Coach monthly meeting

Our Skills Coaches will arrange one to one meetings with your learner to help discuss workplace skills and behaviours.

Online Learning and self study

We have joined up with the Master Photographers Association which organises monthly training sessions and critiques.
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The Photography apprenticeship with the JGA Group has been life changing for me. I have learnt so much about photography in a short space of time, whilst also developing my personal skills. My tutor is first rate, and the support I get from everyone at the college is phenomenal. I’m enjoying the course so much I don’t want it to end, but it has put me in the best possible position for going into my new career as an experienced Photographer.”

Gemma, Photography Apprentice

Photography Genres

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is a important genre that can be summarised as all genres in one day, including Architecture, Fashion, Food, and great portraiture.

Our photography tutors have a vast amount of experience (over 200 weddings photographed) and we take great pride in teaching all the different aspects that will occur.

Amateur photographers may take thousands of images on auto and hope for the best, but it’s a technical assignment that needs experience and knowledge which here at the Photography Apprenticeship we will help teach your learners.

Product Photography

Product photography is a skill that will help your company promote a product and it needs expert knowledge of how to position and light the image correctly.

Here at the Photography Apprenticeship (delivered by The JGA Group) we pride ourselves in teaching technical skills and our expect photographers are on hand to help your learner improve or gain this highly technical skill.

Our photography tutors have a vast amount of experience and have had product images featured in international magazines including Vogue. We will demonstrate the method in order to create these stunning images.

Interior and Architecture Photography

Interior and Architecture Photography is a great genre to learn. Travelling around the UK and internationally is a joy when you can visit amazing locations and get your camera out to create and photograph the image that shows the location off.

Head Photographer Anthony Milner has a vast amount of experience with work shown on international front covers for Interior Exterior and House & Garden magazines.

We always enjoy it when our tutors get their own work commissioned and shown on a front cover. Imagine walking into a shop and seeing your images on the front cover.

Through sharing real life experience, our tutors will cover how to light a location and understand the shots that are needed for your clients.

Family Portrait Photography

Family portrait photography has massively changed over the last 20 years, from the use of negatives to the digital artistic approach that is now required to wow the customer.

Our very own tutor Anthony Milner owned two studios in the Bath area and has the technical know-how around studio lighting and positioning family members, including very cute babies, to help guide and teach this genre.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a genre that requires many photography skills in one shoot. Whether working in a team or solo, it is important that your young photographer knows how to direct their male or female model and to use their lighting skills to create an amazing image that will sell the chosen product.

Our skilled tutors will teach your photography apprentice to work in a studio environment or on location. Skills and knowledge are key to taking a great fashion photography image.

Food Photography

With the use of mobile phones and booking meals on the go, it is important for restaurants to have stunning photography of their dishes. And restaurants of all price points have a photography requirement.

Food photography skills are versatile and can be used with other commercial requirements, focussing on studio lighting setup and camera flash.

We will teach your learner location and food photography lighting allowing them to take those skills and use them in their daily role.

Photoshop and Lightroom training

Digital Photography has become an art form in itself. Gone are the days where you can hand your client the images with no Lightroom or Photoshop editing having been done.

We have both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop lessons that are will show your learner how to create or improve their skills.

We will help them to bring the added wow factor to their images.