What Photography do we teach.

Some would say that photography is an art. There are those who would argue that it is a science. The truth is, it can be both. Photography encompasses the capturing of images through the use of light and shadow to create a visually appealing photograph. It can be as simple as taking a picture with your phone or as complex as spending hundreds of £ on equipment and learning how to use it in order to capture the perfect photo. So, what do we teach in our photography classes? What should you learn if you want to take up this hobby (or even go pro)? Let’s take a look…

We have teamed up with Anthony Milner and John Waldon from the Masters Association to create a Photography Apprenticeship course that is simple and designed for professionals.

This includes technical know how and the actual camera skills that are needed in every day-to-day photography assignments.

Have you met a learner who has done a photography degree and still doesn’t understand what an aperture is. We all have, I know it’s said in the corners of the photography world.

Well we pride ourselves on creating real course material that meets the needs of real professional photographers who are looking to take on staff to grow their team.

We teach real photography in our classes. That’s the kind of photography that freezes a moment in time, records an event or simply captures a scene. It’s not about artistry or capturing a feeling… But sometimes, we want more than just to just document of what is happening in front of us and putting it through Lightrooms and adding a preset. We want young photographers who want to be technical Photographers…images that move people and make them feel something when you know its not just been Photoshoped. So how do we go from snapshot photographers to creating evocative photos? Well you need to be taught by a real photographer on our Photography Apprenticeship.

I’m often asked by professional photographers – “What kind of photography do you teach in your classes?” And my answer is always the same- ” All different genres technically.

Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, Weddings, Family Portraits, Fashion.

Every genres is the what we teach.

We are here to help teach young photographers how to create great technical images that can be used within their studios. We like Photoshop, honest, but it’s a added help.

Photography is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate and share our stories. It can be used to capture a moment in time, frozen in time for us to remember forever. Or it can be used as a way to tell a story, to show people what life is like somewhere else in the world. The photographs that we teach at our school help us do both of those things. They help us capture moments and they help us tell stories. If you are interested in learning more about photography or if you want to learn how to use photography to share your own stories, contact us today. We would love to hear from you!