As a photographer, I am always looking to learn new techniques and improve my skills. So, when I was given the opportunity to photograph the Notting hill Carnival festival I jumped at the chance. But this year I wanted to challenge myself and I thought let’s do this with just my mobile phone, So I got up early and I jumped at the chance!

Despite being a little apprehensive at first, I soon found that there were a few things I could learn from this experience that would help me with my photography in the future. Here are just a few of them…

Now normally I would attend the Notting hill carnival armed with my DSLR and a few hundred pounds worth of lenses, I would feel prepared for anything. However, after spending a few hours there, I quickly realized that my expensive equipment was completely was needed. But with my experience, could I use my iPhone 12 to take some great images.

So having met several of my Photography Apprentices at the tube station we headed down and found the event in full glory. We all discussed our ideas and what our Aim and objectives were for the day it. Great chats and I was interested to hear what each of my Photography Apprentices wanted to get out of the experience.

Some of my amazing Photography apprenticeship London learners had ideas to document the event in its glory, others wanted to concentrate on the fashion styles and clothing styles of the general public. So with our own briefs we all agreed to meet back in 3 hours discuss own images from the days proceedings.  

So as mentioned earlier, my aims were to Photograph the Nottinghill festival with just a Mobile Phone. Would I miss my expensive Sony professional camera, I was trying not to.

Well I have to be honest I did, but what did I learn from the experience. I simple missed my zoom lens, I wanted to stand back and document the amazing event and not be seen, similar skills to when I photograph Wedding Photography.

Don’t forget, if you are seeking to take on a Photography Apprenticeship, we do teach wedding Photography.

Moving on, in order to get the quality of work that I am capable of doing and to be honest I had a even bigger challenge, I needed to show my Photography apprentices who study the Photography Apprenticeship great images.

I decided that I needed to get up close and actual be part of the event in a small way.

So rather than standing back with my Zoom lens, I actually went up to the amazing people and asked if I could take their picture and with a bit of banter from myside I was able to get the big smiles and laughter that allowed me to take the fun a creative image. Composition was key to taking a great picture and this does come with experience……. do I go close up or leave space.

Well to be honest, the location wasn’t the key aspect, the people were as shown in my picture.

I have to be honest I actually really liked the images and I think the Iphone did great. I normally hate mobile phone cameras but with my experience I think the composition was key to having great images at the end of the day.

Check out my images, and let me know what you think.

It was a great experience and I re learnt a lot. I would recommend anyone to do the same as it is a great way of learning how to take better composition for your photos by just using your mobile phone. If you are interested in doing a photography apprenticeship, then please check out our website and contact us today. We would love to hear from you!

Drummers are the Notting Hill Carnival walking through the streets.
Dancer at Notting hill Carnival
Dancers waiting to start the parade at Notting Hill Carnival
Dancing at Notting Hill Carnival