Leveraging the 7Ps to Market Your Photographic Company 

Blog Introduction: 

Having an amazing photographic talent is not enough to sustain a successful photography business. To be able to achieve success you need to create a business that is selling your product. Your product is your choice of genre such as Architecture, Wedding, Portraits. 

You may be creating art but you need to promote your work and it is essential to adopt a strategic marketing approach. A marketing plan that is well thought out and executed can leverage your photographic business to new heights. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use the 7 Ps – product, price, promotion, place, people, process, and physical evidence – to market your photographic company effectively. 

You aim to promote your service and products and you need to plan and create a marketing plan and the 7 Ps is a opportunity consider, reflect and plan.  

Each areas of the 7 Ps allows you think and consider each element. 

As a Photography Apprentice, you are training to become a Professional and whilst working with your company’s, they will be using the 7 Ps in order to sell products and plan there promotions. 

So if you are a Photography Apprentice in London you will need to plan how to promote your service. 


Your product is the photography that your business offers to customers. Your photography should stand out from the crowd and capture the essence of a message. You must keep updating and improving your product to keep up with trends, styles and most importantly, customer demand. Offering diverse photography styles and themes can help you attract a wider audience. Also, reviewing and improving your work consistently will keep your customers coming back for more. 

You need to consider what product is wanted by the consumer, you can do Keyword research using www.ubersuggest.com to see how many people per month are typing the keyword in Google every month. For instance, if you only have 10 people a month typing in Product Photography Oxford and there are 10 Photographers selling that service, maybe you have to much competition for that product.  

So you need to work out what product is wanted by the consumer. 


Pricing in photography is essential. You may want to evaluate your pricing to ensure that it matches your product and targets the appropriate audience. Ensure that your prices are reasonable and competitive while keeping an emphasis on the value of your work. Offering special deals and discounts on your services can engage customers and encourage them to purchase more of your services. 


The more people know about your business’s product and services, the more they will engage. Promotion helps portray your business’s message to potential customers. You can promote your photographic business through various channels, including social media, flyers, and marketing ads. Also, collaborating with models, artists, and other businesses can be an excellent way to get your name out there. 

At the start of your career at a Photography Apprentice, do make sure that you don’t provide cheap offers such as lots of free images. If you provide a good quality experience and images then they will sell. You are simply giving losing your bread and butter money. 

For instance the likes of Groupon and Wowcher provide 5 free prints in each offer. People will simply attend in order to get free images and you loose out of a good overall purchase. 

So if you have a family portrait studio and you are a Photography Apprentice in London don’t cheapen your quality and name within the industry. 


Place refers to where your business is located, or from where you operate. When it comes to photography, having your studio centrally located makes it easier for clients to visit you and vice versa. Also, keep in mind that your business can operate both offline and online, providing digital services to clients. It’s essential to have a brick and mortar store or studio to operate from, as it represents your business’s legitimacy and seriousness. 


People is all about the experience you offer your customers. Friendly and respectful communication with your customer base is important and can help create loyalty towards your business. Ensure that your clients feel seen and heard, valuing their feedback and improving on it. Quality of service, dedication, and delivering a great customer experience can go a long way in building your business. 

You also need to consider segmentation, who are your customer. Male, Female, Age, Location and this will allow you to create content in order to promote your products. 


Process is the way your business operates, from start to finish. A streamlined process can help your workflow and minimize errors. Having a well-structured process can help eliminate confusion, ensure that service is consistent, and customers have the same experience each time they visit. Always aim to improve and automate processes for a more efficient service. 

Physical evidence: 

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and professional environment for your business can go a long way. Physical evidence can create an impression of care, trust, and attention to detail in your services and products. Ensure that your studio’s interior design, marketing materials, and online presence are consistent and represent the message you want to convey. Also, having customer’s previous work displayed in frames or albums can create a good impression of your business. 


Every aspect of your photography business plays a vital role in its success and it’s important to use the 7Ps as a guide to ensure your marketing strategy is on point. Remember to put the needs of your customers first, and always strive to deliver the best service. Continuously developing and updating your business, be it through a new style of photography or a more efficient workflow, can set you apart in a crowded industry. Invest in areas of your company that need improving and create a marketing plan that supports your strengths. With the 7Ps as a guide, you can navigate the marketing world and take your photographic business to great heights. 

During the Photography Apprenticeship we will be discussing how to promote your work and you can also take this knowledge back to your company’s and help them create sales and get known further.