There are a lot of things that go into making a good photographer – from having the right equipment to knowing how to compose a shot. But perhaps the most important thing is developing a good eye for photography. Luckily, anyone can become a good photographer with enough practice and patience. In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to improve your photography skills and take stunning photos every time. Keep reading to learn more!

Photography tips –

I once got told that composition in key to being a good photographer and when working with my amazing Photography apprenticeship learners I always recommend to get out and take lots of pictures.

Simply look at what you have taken and see how you can perfect your composition. We now all use digital cameras that allow us to view the image instantly unlike Photography Apprenticeship courses over 20 years ago who used negative. Those learner had to wait till the negative was developed and then using the dark room to print there image.

I always recommend that my learners who are studying the apprenticeship for photography take pictures and try cropping the picture, do you provide space or go up closely cropping the space around your subject.

If you are using a zoom lens, try zooming in and even turning your camera position slightly. Your camera doesn’t need to be straight. This is a great technique when taking portraits.

If you are unsure what I mean, try 5 degrees to the right, straight and 5 degrees to the left.

You will have positioned your camera 3 different ways and have 3 different shots and this can position your subject better which will look more creative composition.

Many young Photographers on the Photography Apprenticeship in London ask me, how can they improve your eye. Well your Photographic eye is know how to photograph something when you see it. You don’t need to take a 100 images to get a great picture. You can look at the location or your subject and know how to use your composition skills to take a professional Photography.

This takes time and you will create your own style.

I recommend going out and taking lots of Photographs and try photographing different genres. The more pictures you take, the better you will become. You will learn from your mistakes and perfect your composition and then gain a great Photographic eye.

On the Photography Apprenticeship we discuss this regularly and during the Apprenticeship for Photography we work with the Masters Photography association who have seminars where they discuss our learners work to help them improve.

So, if you want to be a good photographer, start by looking at the world around you with fresh eyes and an open mind. Be curious and experiment with different techniques—you never know what might work until you try it. And finally, always keep learning; there’s no end to the amount of knowledge out there waiting to be discovered. If you want to learn more about photography or take your skills to the next level, check out our website,, and contact us today. We would love to help you become the best photographer you can be!