Have you ever wondered what a photography apprenticeship is like? In this blog post, we will discuss what you can expect to learn as a photography apprentice. We will also provide tips for employers who are looking to hire an apprentice. So, whether you are an employer or an aspiring photographer, read on to learn more!

The world of photography is vast and ever-changing. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, staying up to date on the latest techniques and equipment is essential. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge base, a Photography apprenticeship is the perfect option for you.

During the course we teach the know how to use your camera manually and lighting techniques that will allow you to take great photographs on assignments such as landscape, Architecture, Fashion, Weddings and Family Portraits.

During the Photography apprenticeships you will be offered hands-on training over the 18-month Photography course with experienced professionals, giving you the opportunity to learn new skills and develop your talent.

During the Photography course you will have the opportunity to do 7 hours off the job training per week which allows you to research and try new techniques whilst completing the assignments that are provided to you by your Photography tutor and Skills coach. So, what do you learn on a photography apprenticeship?

Our tutors and Skills coaches have a vast amount of experience and are actual Professional Photographers themselves. Over the last 20 years, our head photographer Anthony Milner has owned two professional Photography studios and has had work featured in Vogue, Grazia, House & Garden, Interior and Exterior and has the privilege of Photographing over 200 weddings. So experience in many genres. So do be sure to ask him lots of questions and you will hear lots of funny story’s whilst learning from the real happenings from life as a International Professional Photographer. Our Tutors will teach you real professional Photography techniques that are used daily when working with both commercial and the general public photographic assignments.

We teach all different genres and our aim is to make sure that you become a professional Photographer who can create great images for your clients and employers.

Over the 18 months you will work with a employer/Professional Photographer who will train you in a selection of genre of Photography but with modern and professional techniques including composition lighting and Digital editing. This course has been tailormade in order to allow you to become a professional Photographer and grow your future career. With have Photographers all over the country who are seeking and they are all working within different genres, so you will have the opportunity to work in a genre to your liking.

So, if you are interested in learning photography and want to become a professional photographer someday, an apprenticeship is the right choice for you. Apprenticeships can offer you the opportunity to learn from experienced photographers who can help guide your development as a photographer. Additionally, apprenticeships can provide you with opportunities to network with other professionals in the industry. If you are ready to take your photography skills to the next level, contact Photographyapprenticeship.com today. We would be happy to help connect you with an apprenticeship or with a employer who is seeking one.