Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, hiring a photography apprentice can have benefits for both parties. So, why should your company take on a photography apprentice? Let’s explore some of the reasons.

One reason is that an apprentice can help with the general bits that seem like time wasted by the head photographer. This means that they can do things like organize, handle admin paperwork, and manage client relationships such as answer the telephone when you are in the middle of an important photographic shoot. This allows the more experienced photographers to focus on the creative aspects of the job and the Photography Apprentice who is on the photography course to experience and become a big part of the team. Over a short amount of time, you will even have them taking the images which you watch and guide.

Over a short amount of time your photography studio will see the massive benefit of having a Photography Apprentice become a great photographer on staff, but not every company can justify the cost of hiring and growing a up and coming professional. So what’s the next best option? Taking on a photography apprentice! Apprenticeship programs pair experienced professionals with eager learners, and the skills you learn in this type of program are invaluable. If you’re thinking about adding a photographer to your team, here are four reasons why you should consider taking on an apprentice instead.

  1. Photography Apprentices are wanting to learn….. enthusiasm
  2. Photography Apprentice wage starts at £4.85 per hour (2022)
  3. They don’t have bad habits yet, your training them to do it your way.
  4. It’s a 18 month course and they are only attending lesson for 1 day a month.

So you have them for the rest of the month to learn and help improve your team.

Whilst I had my two studios, I really wish I had a Photography Apprentice, sadly the course wasn’t available. Having gone live in 2022, it has already allowed many photography companys to see the benefits. So if you’re looking for a creative and cost-effective way to improve the quality of your company’s photography, consider taking on an Photography apprentice. Apprenticeship programs provide companies with top-notch apprentices who are eager to learn and grow in their field. Photographyapprenticeship.com can connect you with the perfect apprentice for your business, so contact us today to get started!

During the Photography course which is 18 month long, we teach them so many different elements of knowledge and skills. So when it comes to photography, there are plenty of things to learn. You could take on a young photographer who studied the history of photography, different techniques and styles that were out dated, or learn about all the different equipment are out dated.

But if you’re looking for a more specific learning opportunity for your business. Apprenticeships can provide your company with a fresh perspective and new ideas, while giving the apprentice the opportunity to learn from a professional photographer.

Contact the www.photographyapprenticeship.com and we will happily guide you through taking on brilliant Photography apprentice.